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Batch Weigher - 混合料称重器

Weigh Hopper - 称斗


Weigh Hoppers are normally enclosed and cone shaped with flat top. Normally the weigh hopper is supported by 3 units electronic load cell mounted on a steel support frame. The top plate is connected to the feeding equipment outlets using flexible hose material. The discharge at the hopper cone bottom is equipped with a pneumatic butterfly valve. At the hopper plate there is a nozzle connector which can be connected to a static dust vent or to the plant central dust suction system.

称斗通常为封闭式呈平顶圆锥形. 通常称斗是由3组电子载荷传感器支撑在钢架上. 顶盘是通过软管与投料器出料口相接合. 排料位于称斗圆锥形底部配备气压工控蝶形阀门. 称斗盘处有一喷嘴连接器可接合静态除尘器或厂内中央吸尘系统.


Batch Weigh Control Panel - 混合料称重控制柜

A Batch Weigh Control Panel is normally supplied with the weigh hopper. The control panel houses the motor starters for the feeder equipment, weight indicator and controller, PLC to control automatic sequential operation of the mateial feeders. The weight indicator and controller is digital display type with setters for final weight, prelim weight, auto tarring and mateial weight in flight compensation. Normally the feeders are controlled by frequency inverters to enable fast and slow feed rates for optimum weighing accuracy. For the more advance models the system is operated with PC, software program to setting recipe, and weight record printing.

每一套混合料称重控制柜通常都会提供一部称斗. 控制柜内置用于输送器的马达启动器, 称重显示器及控制器, 用于控制材料输送器自动顺序操作的编程控制器PLC. 称重显示器及控制器为数码显示型具备设定最终重量,预选重量,净皮重置零及余附递料自动朴偿修正.通常使用频率控制器来控制输送器灌装速率的快和慢以确保称重的准确性.而更先进的机种则应用计算机为操作系统,通过软件设定票据及列印称重记录.


Technical Specifications - 技术参数

Material to weigh - All kinds of free flowing dry powders
可称重的材料– 各种自由流动之干粉料

Weighing capacities - 500 kgs to 3000 kgs
称重含数- 500千克至 3000千克

Material inlet - At weigh hopper top equipped with flexible hose
材料入料口 – 位于称斗上方并配备软管

Material outlet - At weigh hopper bottom equipped with pneumatic butterfly valve
材料出料口 - 位于称斗下方并配备气压工控蝶形阀门

Weight sensor - Electronic load cells
称重传感器 – 电子载荷传感器


Weight Indicator/controller - Digital display type with setters for final weight, prelim weight, auto tarring and mateial weight in flight compensation
称重显示器/控制器– 数码显示型具备设定最终重量,预选重量,净皮重置零及余附递料自动朴偿修正

Weigh control panel
- PLC to control auto weighing operation
- 应用编程控制器PLC操控的全自动称重
  - Frequency controller for fast and slow feed
- 通过频律控制器调控灌装速率的快和慢
  - PC operated is optional
- 计算机操作亦可为选项
  - Printing for weighing record is optional
- 列印称重记录亦可为选项
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